Gary G. Krause, President

Mr. Krause is an Adjunct Professor and Director of Client Relations for Rice University’s Graduate School of Administration. He has designed and conducted executive education programs there since 1984.

Mr. Krause has executive experience at a major oil exploration company and a software firm. As a Vice President of Organizational Development he managed several departments including human resources, recruiting, building services, training, legal, and contracts. At the energy company, he developed and implemented the five year plan which expanded operations world wide. Revenues increased by 700%, personnel by 400%. He orchestrated several worldwide reorganizations and converted high tech departments into matrix organizations resulting in increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

His extensive international experience includes conducting over 50 training seminars in Mexico, Canada, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Southern Africa, and Asia-Pacific. He has opened and staffed offices, developed management systems, coordinated international operations and mediated intercultural and legal disputes.

Mr. Krause is the founder and President of Intercontinental Training, a management training and consulting firm. He received his Bachelor of Science in Personnel and Labor Relations from the University of Maryland.

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